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Clergy and Pastoral Professionals are special; and, as such, require specialized care. 


You, by nature of your work, are frequently in need of working with someone who is sensitive to the difficulties of serving God within a church hierarchy. 

You are also likely to have questions of faith and doubt, and experience feelings of fear and disappointment that are difficult to tackle honestly with someone within the church



Frequently church professionals struggle with care-giver burnout as well as the guilt of having to chose between God's Family and your own family.


You may just need a place to process expanding perspectives. Perhaps what you represent and preach conflicts with your personal experiences and feelings. Maybe the person in need of couples therapy is the very person everyone else comes to for counseling.


Whatever your role in this Universe of the Holy, I offer you a warm, confidential, and non-judgmental place to express the frustrations and concerns that might not be appropriately discussable or explorable in the context of your workplace or within the faith system you serve.


Blessings on you and what you do.

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