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There are many types of needs — and many types of therapy — with varying lengths of treatment to address those needs.


Short Term Therapy:

Single Session Therapy

You may be faced with a decision or need to talk out loud about a particular issue in order to understand that issue better. A single session may be all you want or need. Some examples of single session topics:

  • A middle-aged child wants to discuss what it might mean to move an elderly parent from her home across country to be nearby.

  • A  client wants to talk about whether to pursue Spiritual Direction or Therapy.  

  • A client wants to process feelings about whether to marry.


Single Issue Therapy

Clients will frequently come to therapy with a specific issue or occurrence they wish to explore or attempt to resolve.   This type of therapy is generally 6-12 months.

Couples often seek new skills in 'communication' as it relates to:

  • parenting (birth of a new baby or an empty nest)

  • money

  • in-laws

  • job loss

  • medical diagnosis

  • infidelity

Individuals frequently wish to deal with a particular relationship or similar event.  


Long Term Therapy:

Long term therapy is typically individual based and consists of the exploration and healing related to:

  • Complex Issues

  • Trauma Issues

  • Family of Origin Issues

  • Multi-faceted and multi-layered issues


Other Services:

Ad Hoc Therapy

An advantage of having a long-term relationship with your therapist is that you may seek help when you need it. At different points in your life, you may find you need a different type of therapy for the concern at hand. Much like having a personal physician, lawyer, or accountant, when the need arises for therapy, you have a resource who knows you and your history.

Should you need assistance for an issue or speciality that your personal therapist does not possess, your therapist can be very helpful in seeking appropriate referrals. A session to clarify your needs and wants may be helpful in saving you time and expense in finding an appropriate specialist.

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