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What do we mean by Grief and Loss?
  • Loss is an inherent reality of our humanity,  We are born - and at some point we realize we will die - the ultimate loss. 

  • Loss takes many forms, from the loss of the small to the enormous losses of life. 

  • Most times, loss can be integrated with our own resources.  Sometimes integration gets stuck and is best explored and integrated with an empathetic other.

Loss is an Event - Grief is a Process

Think of something that happened that prevented you from realizing a hope.  That is a loss.

Consider how you managed your feelings around that event and moved on.  That is the process.

Integration is the Path to the New Normal

Life is different after a loss.  Grief is the process by which that loss is integrated into the reality of now and the reorientation of hopes, dreams and expectations in the context of that reality.  Integration involves acceptance of the loss - the hardest part of the process.

Grief Becomes Mourning

Many people fear that if they let go of their grief, the loss itself will be forgotten. Not so - grief integrated becomes a loss to be mourned. Mourning is how we remember our losses in a integrated way,


How I Can Help

We will explore what the loss means.  The loss as you experienced it, in all it's messiness (because loss is messy), has history, impacts your now, and changes your future. We will look at the loss as it currently affects your life, and consider what needs to happen to move the loss into a context for the future. 

Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have regarding grief and loss,

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