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Cherylann Ganci, MA, LMFT

  • Has something, or someone, redefined your life — without your permission?

  • Perhaps life's center has shifted.

  • Have you discovered emptiness in your life, your marriage, your work, your relationships?


I work with individuals and couples who desire to revitalize their lives, to re-examine and renegotiate their relationships for the rest of life's journey. The answers you seek are not "out there" somewhere: the answers lie within you. Whatever your age, you can learn to listen to your own voice while living in mutuality and integrity with your partner, your parents, your children, and most importantly — yourself.

These big questions are hallmarks of the call to rediscover meaning in life — especially at mid-life. The good news is that we each already have our own answers, and we need only to develop the capacity to hear ourselves and integrate that wisdom into our lives.

Counseling can help you create the meaningful life you desire and deserve.

You have learned much in the first part of your life, now put that wisdom to work for you.

You can do this. Let me help.

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