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What is Spiritual Direction

Have you wondered about your own relationship to the Holy? What? Relationship? Yes, relationship.

You and God share an intimate story in all it's confusing, hopeful, frustrating, joyous, tedious, and loving glory. The relationship we have with our Silent Other informs the spirituality of our humanity. Spiritual Direction is a way of recognizing and experiencing our relationship to and with
God — however you apprehend God to be, by whatever name you use for the Holy, and regardless of how you practice that connection.

Who is a Candidate for Spiritual Direction
  • If you are interested in exploring how the Holy interacts with your life -

  • If your experiences do not jive with the belief system you are practicing -

  • If you are present to others as clergy or as lay minister -

  • If you are non-churched -

  • If you are recovering from spiritual abuse -

  • If your spirituality and practice is present in a personal rather than corporate way -

  • If you are not sure why your are interested -


How does Spiritual Direction Work

We meet for an hour usually on a monthly basis. We will meet via Skype or Facetime. I provide Spiritual Direction sessions by appointment. You bring your thoughts and questions and concerns - and I listen and reflect on what I"m hearing.

While my title says Spiritual Director, my role is not directive.. My role is that of a listening other, a companion, and fellow traveler and seeker.

If you are considering Spiritual Direction for the first time, you might take a look at Listen - the newsletter of Spiritual Directors International.  Listen is free and for people seeking a deeper connection with the Sacred.

You can read Listen here

How Much Does Spiritual Direction Cost

Typical sessions at $60 per hour. If funds are an issue, please call me.  Interested persons are not turned away for lack of funds.  A sliding scale is offered when funds are tight.  Spiritual Direction is NOT therapy and is not covered by insurance.

My Background

I was raised in a large Irish, Roman Catholic family.  My spiritual journey has allowed me to also participate deeply in Catholic, Lutheran, and Episcopal congregations.  My interest in Judaism, Buddhism, and Native American spirituality drew me to a Spiritual Direction training that, while taught by Catholic mentors, was eclectic and inclusive of all traditions.  I claim my frame for spiritual direction to be considered Inter-Spirituality and Spiritual but not Religious.

Additional Resources
Spiritual Directors' International

Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have regarding Spiritual Direction.

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